Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Blessings 49

(1) More baby snuggles

(2) Spending time in the ND Badlands

(3) Getting to spend some quality time with my friend TE

(4) A phone call from PMA!

(5) A nice warm house to keep me warm on this cool night

(6) A fun birthday card from my dear friend MW. Totally made me smile!

(7) Bailing a friend out of jail as he participated in the March of Dimes Jail and Bail

(8) A new Shutterfly photo book

(9) My colleague/office neighbor at church sharing a space heater with me.

(10) Making potato soup in the crockpot

(11) A friend asking my opinion about what version of the Bible I would recommend.

(12) Sissy calling and saying she wants to come up for the weekend.

(13) Texting with MW

(14) Chocolate mint Tutti Fruitti

(15) Spending the day with my sis; some Fall shopping, eating at Olive Garden, etc.

(16) An awesome Rally Sunday

(17) A fantastic PLN (post-Liturgical) nap

Friday, September 12, 2014

Yet another Random Friday Five

1. If you could sneak away anywhere this weekend, right now, all expenses paid, where would you go and what would you go ? I would go visit my friends that I miss. Or maybe I'd go to my beloved castle; the seminary I attended. I also would love to go spend some time in the Rocky Mountains. Or maybe I'd go to Ireland; a place I dream of visiting some day!

2. What is for lunch today? (one of the very first FF I ever played asked this.) I skipped lunch but snacked on some Totinos pizza rolls.

3. Along that first-FF-I-ever-played theme, what are you wearing today? I'm wearing cute jeans from the Dress Barn, my fave well worn casual Sketcher tennis shoes, a Newsboys tshirt with bright neon colors that says "Your love never fails" and my fave Lutheran Chick sweatshirt. I'm also sporting a newsboys style hat that is blinged out with a cross. It's gotten chilly here this week in ND.

4. Along the Today Theme, what are you doing today? Just enjoying my day off. Picked out a few recipes from Pinterest and got some shopping done. Now Potato soup cooking in my crockpot. Catching up on my DVR!

5. Along the random theme, what is your favorite scent, and why? I love cinnamon!! Cinnamon candles, cinnamon candy etc. I love Bath and Body Works Juicy pear scent. I really love any scent that makes me smile. Pumpkin, apple cider etc in the fall, peppermint at Christmas time etc.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

Birthday Week Edition Sunday Blessings (or #48)

(1) Sleeping in until 10 am. I can't remember the last time I slept in that late.

(2) Bonus winner on the #RallyRevGals blog contest. Fun way to start my bday week.

(3) The movie "Daddy Daycare." It always makes me laugh!

(4) Receiving a letter in the mail explaining why a check I've been waiting for has been taking so long

(5) Bday card from my Dad and C

(6) Spending the day celebrating my birthday with my momma a day early

(7) A random call from my Daddy :)

(8) Bday lunch with PK and PB at Olive Garden. Thanks guys!

(9) PK's wife M surprising me and bringing me a present.

(10) Bday texts from some really great people! Thanks MG, MW, DC and SM/LAM (still my fave greeting of the day seeing LAM's sweet little face)

(11) FB! I wouldn't normally say FB but it sure makes a girl feel incredibly utterly amazingly loved on her birthday.

(12) Finally receiving that check that was taking FOREVER!

(13) Bday cards from my sis and Gma and Gpa!

(14) An awesome night at Wild at Wines with my friend EG! Free food, wine and even having a bunch of strangers sing Happy Birthday to me!

(15) A nice breakfast with a parishioner talking about Thrivent

(16) Seeing my friend JH and having her stay overnight.

(17) A comment on my blog from my friend HSG who said my post made her smile. She made me smile too!

(18) Spending the day with my friend AN and being her assistant as she took pics etc this afternoon.

(19) Finding an awesome find at Menards tonight for $32 and it really works as an awesome coffee table!

(20) Getting to talk to my dear friend JK. Love her and her family!

(21) A thank you card from SH and MH for a gift I sent them for little OH. Glad you liked the outfit friends!

(22) Getting some baby snuggles in

(23) Seeing my dear friend TE

(24) An awesome new cross as a new to Western ND synod since last rostered leaders retreat

(25) Being blessed by a bunch of cool people including dear friends

Friday, September 05, 2014

Oh the Places We Can Go Friday Five!

If someone told you they were coming to your city/state/country for the first time, what five things would you recommend that they be sure to see or do? This might be a city, national park, historic site, restaurant or other attraction. Have at it, and share the link to your blog in the comments below. Be sure to visit and comment on other participants’ efforts today, too. Oh, the places we can go!

Here I am in Western North Dakota! Yes, we have been impacted by the oil boom but ND has and will always hold a special place in my heart. In fact, the name of my blog comes from the prairies of North Dakota. Something so holy about being on the prairies of ND!

North Dakota has the most gorgeous scenery when the fields are been harvested. I am a little biased but the skies of North Dakota are GORGEOUS! The sky as far and as wide as you can see. With all that in mind, I would take you to the Badlands, Theodore Roosevelt National Park and Medora, ND. The Medora Musical is a gem and is held every summer. ND girl Kat Perkins (who became wellknown on the tv show The Voice) even has made a few appearances this summer. Medora is a quant little tourist town and is so fun. Teddy Roosevelt used to hang out in this area a lot. He loved it there! And if we're lucky, the buffalo will be out in the park. I've been in the park and had to stop because the buffalo were blocking the road.

Medora Musical
(Photo Courtesy Google Images)
Medora Logo
(Photo Courtesy Google Images)
Leaving Medora, we would find our way to the Enchanted Highway. The Enchanted Highway is a highway with the worlds largest scrap metal sculptures constructed at invervals along the way. It really may seem odd but it is fun to see a master artist.

Grasshoppers Delight on ND Enchanted Highway
(Photo Courtesy Google Images)
North Dakota has had some great travelers who have crossed her path. Sakakawea and Lewis and Clark were some of those travelers. The Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center is a great spot to stop especially if you are history buff. You also can see points along the Missouri River where they more than likely camped out on their journey. Imagine the cold etc they experienced as they were traveling.

Inside Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center
(Photo Courtesy Google Images)
In all honesty, people don't give North Dakota credit. There is something so holy about this place. And there is truly things to do here. You can take in a Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks game in the summer. You can go to one of the states zoos. For the size of ND, there really are great zoos...Fargo, Wahpeton, Minot, and Bismarck.
Taken at Roosevelt Park Zoo--September 4, 2014
(Photo copyright Tara L. Ulrich)
North Dakota is truly a great place to be but if I wasnt in North Dakota, I would love to live in Colorado. I have gone to a continuing education event for the last 5 summers. Its held right outside of Estes Park Colorado. Rocky Mountain National Park is one of my all-time fave places in the world! I've seen God's handiwork in this place so often! Love Colorado. So perhaps you could take a little road trip and visit both of my fave places...Colorado and North Dakota and check out some other states along the way! :)

Sunset at Lily Lake---Rocky Mountain National Park
(Photo Copyright Tara L. Ulrich)



Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Blessings #47

(1) A text from my friend SM showing me a pic of sweet little LAM in one of the outfits I got her!

(2) The Daytime Emmy Awards

(3) A comment on my FB status from a parishioner saying how I was so spot on and thanking God for sending me to First AND thanking me for just being me!!

(4) LCM Soup day at MSU

(5) A random brand new tape dispenser left in my office. Wonder who left that surprise for me? ;)

(6) The book "Sabbath" by Wayne Mueller. I recommend this book! So good and such a great reminder for us.

(7) A small WTS alumni gathering

(8) Finding out my fave resource for children's sermons is going to start sharing Narrative Lectionary ideas as well as RCL

(9) A great PD coach check-in meeting

(10) Talking to JH on the phone about PD stuff

(11) Fun mail from my aunt and uncle in my mailbox; an early bday gift: A Starbucks gift card, A Norsk Hostfest ticket (so I can go with Gma, Gpa and N when they come!) and a pretty cross scarf slide.

(12) A text from EG

(13) KG asking my thoughts on this weeks preaching text

(14) Getting my lawn mowed and treating myself to a DQ Mint chip shake. (Chocolate and mint are my two absolute faves)

(15) Sis keeping me updated on the Husker score since Dad has the channel and she can watch the game. (I don't get that channel)

(16) Talking to momma on the phone

(17) A wonderful PLN (post-liturgical) nap

(18) German chocolate cake

(19) Tackling Mt. Laundry

(20) Thankful for so much

Friday, August 29, 2014

Changes Friday Five

So, for beginnings: Tell us five things that are new in your life, or that you would LIKE to have be new in your life. If that doesn’t work, how about things that you are ready to shed….to make room for new things? Opening your hands to release, to see what God might put into them?

(1) A new church school year; getting ready for Rally Sunday, teaching a Confirmation class, etc

(2) A new season. Summer is quickly coming to a close and soon Fall and Winter will be here. Yes ND winters can be brutal but I love living in a place where we have four distinct seasons.

(3) A new book. Recently finished the book "Sabbath" by Wayne Mueller. (I def recommend this book) Just started Jodi Picoults book "Lone Wolf."

(4) Soon a new season of new episodes of my fave tv shows

(5) Another year of life. I'll be celebrating a birthday on Wednesday.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Blessings 46

(1) Great first day back to work; a very productive day--got lots done

(2) The best prayer partners in the world! (Love you CT, KG, EG and KW!)

(3) EG stopping to check on mom for me

(4) Finding a really cool prayer app for my phone.

(5) Chatting with CT on the phone

(6) Talking to my momma on the phone and hearing how good she sounds

(7) Getting comments on my latest blog post. It was truly a post that came from the heart and it is always fun to read what others think of it. Thanks to those who stopped by!

(8) Texting with my good friend MW

(9) An awesome Pinterest recipe; vegetable egg roll in a bowl. So yummy! Easy recipe and healthy too!

(10) Project Runway! I love this show and I completely forgot it was back on. So much fun to watch and get back into.

(11) Haircut and wax day! It was so needed!

(12) Hanging out with my sissy even though it was an ├╝ber rainy weekend.

(13) Being nominated by a friend for the ALS ice bucket challenge.

(14) Two movies with my sis: "When The Game Stands Tall" and "If I Stay."

(15) A new umbrella for the crazy rainy weekend

(16) Lots of compliments on today's sermon--totally humbled and it was totally the gift of the Holy Spirit that helped me write it.

(17) A hug from one of my fave kiddos

(18) Talking to Dad on the phone

(19) Real mail---a postcard from my dear friend HSG